Jesus and the Search For His Lost Family

Jesus and the Search for His Lost Family is the latest message in our series through the Book of Acts. In this message from Acts 18, we consider all that Jesus did through Paul to establish His family in Corinth. This leads us to consider all that Jesus has done, and is doing, to establish [...]

How We Respond to the Word of God

Our progress toward spiritual growth is determined by how we respond to the Word of God. In this message, we look at Acts 17 and see how some people resist the Word and others ridicule it. When we receive the Word and trust in the resurrection of Jesus, everything changes.

Circumstances Change But The Mission Does Not

Circumstances change, but the mission does not. God is on a mission to redeem for Himself a people out of every tribe, nation, and tongue. The primary way He fulfills this mission is through His church. His church finds herself in a sea of changing circumstances. In spite of all the changing circumstances surrounding her, [...]

Jesus Helps His Church Resolve Conflict

Jesus helps His church resolve conflict. In the previous message in this series, we looked at how Jesus opens doors for His church that no one else could open. In this message, we see how as soon as a door opens, a conflict will try to close it.  But Jesus is greater than any disagreement we [...]