The Friday Five

Friday Five – 29 September 2017

Here is a collection of interesting reading (or watching) from around the web this week.

Is Belief in the Bible Circular Reasoning? – Dan DeWitt –The Bible is true! Why do you believe that? Because the Bible tells me so! Isn’t this just a big loop? Couldn’t anyone from any religion make the same claim about their sacred writings? Yes and yes. Does this mean religious people are crazy? No. Here’s why …”

When Transgender Children Are Harmed by the People Who Intended to Help ThemStand to Reason – “Here’s a heartbreaking story out of Australia about a boy and his mother who circumvented the law (with the “help” of doctors) in order to start his transitioning process at age 12. He has since decided he wants to be a boy after all, but now he has to have surgery to reverse results of the hormone treatments.”

A New Kind of Youth Ministry – Scot McKnight – “I’m fed up with the model of youth ministry so many of us give our lives to and echo Mike Yaconelli who, months before his untimely death in 2003 said, “Youth ministry as an experiment has failed. If we want to see the church survive, we need to rethink youth ministry.” So I don’t want to do youth ministry anymore, at least, not the way I’ve always done it.”

A Truck Spilled Nails All Over a Highway In Louisiana – Atlas Obscura – “Provided no one gets hurt, truck spills are almost always funny: a huge thing dumping its load all across the road! Classic slapstick. Such was the case in Louisiana on Tuesday, September 26th, when a truck driving through Metairie dumped thousands of nails all over Interstate 10, as though seeking vengeance against cars.”