three friends having a gospel conversation

How to Have More, and Better, Gospel Conversations

I want to have more, and better gospel conversations. A gospel conversation is just what it sounds like, a conversation where the gospel is proclaimed. I hope these conversations happen naturally, with supernatural power.

three friends having gospel conversations


Because we have all had enough of conversations that feel like forced and stilted sales pitches, here are four suggestions to have more, and better, gospel conversations:


Four Keys To Better Gospel Conversations

  1. Pray – Sometimes the only reason we are not having more conversations about the gospel is that we are not praying about it. How then should we pray?
    • Pray for motivation – Ask God to give you the right motivation. The right motivation to have more gospel conversations is simply to love and obey Jesus.
    • Pray for more love for people – Ask God to help you love people the way He loves people.
    • Pray for specific opportunities – Ask God to grant you specific opportunities to have gospel conversations. Ask Him to help you recognize them when they occur. Ask that you will have the necessary wisdom and courage to make the most of the opportunities He gives.
  2. Ask for help – We cannot do this alone!
    • The Holy Spirit is at work in the world right now. He is drawing people to the Father and testifying about Jesus.
    • Instead of rushing out on our own and then asking the Holy Spirit to help, we should ask the Lord to show us where, how, and with whom He is already working so we can join Him on mission.
  3. Ask good questions – This allows the other person to share their heart and puts us in the position to practice listening.
    • In every conversation, I should expect to ask a minimum of 3 to 5 questions. This can be done in less than ten minutes.
    • What are good questions?
      • Tell me about your relationships with your parents growing up?
      • What was your relationship like with your siblings? What does it look like now?
      • How was your school experience? Middle school or high school or college?
      • What did you do with your free time growing up? What extracurricular were you involved in?
      • When you were growing up, what did you dream of becoming?
      • Tell me about the neighbourhood you grew up in? How did that area shape you?
      • Who were some of the most important influences in your life growing up?
      • Tell me about your kids?
      • What do you like about your job?
  4. Share your story –
    • As we listen to the answers someone gives to the questions we ask, consider elements of your story that are similar to theirs.
    • Consider sharing what brought you peace, hope, or comfort when you faced a similar challenge.

Above all, proclaim Jesus!

As we pray, ask for help, ask questions, and share our story, we are looking for opportunities to proclaim Jesus. I pray that as we practice these four steps we will discover many opportunities to have gospel conversations so that many people will hear the good news about Jesus.